Jungle Gym Explorer

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Jungle Gym Explorer
Standard Features:

Fort: 24 sq/ft deck area

Deck Height: 5'

Roof: 4'x8' Marine Grade Canvas

Access: Flat step Ladder with hand railing

Color Shown: White PVC, Red & Yellow Accent

Swing Beam: 3 position single

Slide: 10' Wave Slide

Swings: (1) Belt Seat with soft grip chain, (1) Trapeze with grip chain, (1) Glider Swing with Soft grip chain.

Climber:  (1) 5' Rock wall with Rope, (1) Fireman Pole, (1) 8' Rope Ladder

Overall Dimensions: 21'9"W x 11'8"D x 11'8"H

Approximate weight: 1,340 lbs

Additional options could include:

Color: White PVC with Green Accent